Ismael Water Therapy  
Awater Cleansing Therapy process to be taken by anybody like a healthy person for preventive maintenanceand for sick person the IWT will help the body for fast recovery , by means of helping the body to use its existing build- in curing ( immune System ) function to help maintain the good body condition. The Inventor Ismael Aviso strongly believed the body has its ownedand effective NATURAL build in soldier’s to fight many type of cancerous Bacteria or virus inside the body as long we give them the right Nutrition, proper electrical energy ( IONIC ) anda water flusher tohelpcleansed many type of Toxic inside the body.

It’s provenfor the last eight years based from the testimonials. Very effective to counter many type of diseases. Actually it got the attention of Jessica Soho staff, that’s why Ismael was featured last 2008 on GMA 7 including some of his cancer survivor patients to give the testimonials and scientific explanation how it works to the body.

This is a combination of several different formulation of water, all was treated by means of classified water treatment of high frequency PLASMA to reach the beneficial level ofIONIC process and the full power of ANTI OXIDANT.

On this way the creation of IONIZED/energized water that can be used to treat many type of chronic diseases including Cancer, without worrying of overdose or BAD side effects… like Chemo therapy or surgery.

see this video link about the clinical study in JAPAN on the Power of Negative ION to cure many type of diseases including CANCER.
We already treated many DENGUE Patients and survived since 2006, but our documents Unfortunately lost, due to Flooding disaster.Now Just this Aug2013 an Old lady with 15 years ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura ) disease( No cure yet on ITP ) It’s a disease cause by VIRUS and more worse than DENGUE and Tumor with the size of 21 x 18 x 13 CM . The only way of medication for the person with ITP is by means of STEROID therapy to increase the PLATELETS, which very problematic to other organ specially LIVER. This latest testimonial is a proof of the efficacy of Ismael Ionic water to increase the Platelets. The ITP will affect the production of the Platelets, it’s a VIRUS but more worse than Dengue Virus. Platelets count down15,000 to 20,000 only.
See for yourself her testimonial video and what are the suffering She endures for the last 15 years , due to ITP and what She said after taking IWT. First time in her life to stop taking STEROID in 15 years without having problem with black mark or patches on the skin and additional it solved her hard to
breathed problem. See the actual testimonial videolink:
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