( It’s a body Cleansing Therapy process, by means of helping the body to use the existing build in curing function to help maintain the good body condition ) because the Inventor Ismael Aviso strongly believed the body has its own NATURAL build in soldier’s to fight many type of cancer or Bacteria virus as long we give the right Nutrition and just help the body to cleansed many type of pollution..

IWT a combination of several different formulation of water which all treated by means of classified water treatment of high frequency PLASMA to reach the highest level of ionization process.

On this way we created energized water that can be used threat many type of chronic diseases including Cancer without worrying of overdose or very BAD side effects like Chemo therapy.

" I W T so effective and less cost, it got the attention of Jessica Soho staff, Then featured on GMA 7 last 2008, included testimonials of several cancer survivor and other chronic diseases"

After the TV exposure on 2008 a lot of cancer patients inquired and bought the I W T products. So far our success rate on Stage 1, 2 &3 is 100%, but on the ( last ) Terminal stage 4 is 80%, this data based to all type of cancer patients who did not subjected to a CHEMO therapy.

On our client's with stage 4 cancer that have been subjected to CHEMO from stage 1 to stage 3, most did not last last 1 year. Even they tried I W T. The only good things they feel when they took the I W T they gain more strenght & relax. " Don't forget prevention is best than curing. I W T originally designed as a preventive maintenance to a healthy person.

For the last 9 years of Alt medicine R & D of I W T, we are lucky to have one of the highest cancer curing rate.

We know hundreds of Doctors using Natural Medicine with good legitimate success on cancer curing including Dr. Coldwell, but not expecting 92.7% success. Since we don't know all of his biography. Last week 10 Sept 2013, We found out his principles on treating cancer and success rate have similarity with I W T. Even on high cancer success rate, not all are happy of what he is saying even to his colleague.

The only difference between Dr. Codwell and Ismael Aviso, He is recommending and using of what available in the market, But I W T was designed and formulated individually by Ismael Aviso and tested by himself, before recommending to any interested patients. Another thing of Ismael advantage to other, he develop the proven powerful Special Highly Oxygenated Energized Alkaline water machine.

Eng. Ismael Aviso is a Microwave and Satellite Engineer for 12 years, works in Saudi Telecom, but before that he is a Scholar of Electronics Technology of JICA (Japan International Cooperative Agency ) and works in Toshiba.

Current statistic of different cancer therapy, based from the span of 5 years of living. Including when they died after the first day of Therapy and patient's live up to 5 years and died the following day.

  2013 Latest Report on Chemo Therapy by the Cancer Expert            |         Dr. Leonard Coldwell, A well known cancer Specialist giving his principles and the reason behind his 92.7% success rate in curing cancer, which very similar to Ismael Aviso I W T program and even on success rate.     |   Many cases now, bacteria resisting very strong anti-biotic  

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