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People living inside Metro Manila are experiencing uncontrolled pollution & most they are suffering or vulnerable to many type of Diseases. Mostly they are easily to be tired, sometimes just sweating of the back & dried up they start to get COLDS once did not take proper medication it goes to as cough or worse to FLU and some trigger ASTHMA..

People living in a polluted environment have more problem in the body pH balance and usually their body are more inclined into ACIDIC condition add to these the food intake mostly like Junk food & a constant prescription of Anti biotic intake. A body with ACIDIC condition will make the bacteria thrive, since Acidic is the food of the Bad Bacteria.

Pollution once attached to the body, it started to create a STATIC CHARGE. Once the immune system detect the static charge of the pollution (carbon monoxide, SMOG etc.. ) The immune system will release some liquid substance to counter the static charge, suspecting as a bacteria, but the substance did not consume since is just static charge not a bacteria the substance will then be transformed into MUCUS or PHLEGM blocking the air passage or inflaming it.

A person constantly exposed to pollution, his/her immune system will become sensitive and some they called it allergies. And our immune system that keep attacking the static charge & will start to weaken & no more time to attack or protect other important organ of our body. Since they are busy attacking the pollution static 24hours a day. A healthy body must have a healthy & strong & enough number of Immune system .

The IEP ( Ismael Energy Pendant ) was designed to solved or discharge the static charge of the pollution, by means of Negative Ion. As well it has a cleansing effect to the body to discharge some TOXIN .

It has 4 energy, That MIMIC the nature balance energy from the Morning Sunshine ( 6am to 8am , FIR ( Far Infra Red )Earth Ion sphere or Neg. ION, Earth Magnetic Field & Water falls ambient feeling.

Actually nature always gives these to us the 4 balance of energy, but the Pollution keep blocking it for the SMOG & C.O. Carbon Monoxide which dominate the environment of the city.

Ismael Energy Pendant has TAME ( Thermal Acupuncture Massage Effect, ( PATENT PENDING ) giving relaxation effect when you are tired from whole day hard work once position the TAME at the back of the body.

Here are the following might be experiencing once you wear the IEP;

1. Common COLDS can be avoiding once you keep wearing it, specially when you travel inside the city. Position the
TAME side at the back of the body.

2. It gives EXTRA strength or not easily get tired.

3. Good sleep feeling every time you wake up in the morning.

4. If you wear the IEP then suddenly the BLISTERED APPEARED on the skin , it means the body has a strong TOXIN that react to the skin when IEP extracted it. We recommend to go Blood & Urine check up.

5. There are times when you wear the IEP you will experiencing a continuous runny nose, don’t worry is just making a cleansing process of detoxification, but you can notice your breathing not getting harder. Few more days it will disappear.

6. IEP will make your immune system stronger, so in the case of Dengue attack it will help the body to fight back, due to most people get bitten by the Dengue mosquito not all got sick, only those with weak Immune system.

7. Detoxification or Body cleansing is what the IEP is doing 24hours a day. The important think you need to do while wearing the IEP, Must drink a lot of water from the normal consumption to avoid being dehydrated, since IEP is a body cleansing energy pendant. Increase of body sweating will always experience. Specially if the water are Highly Alkaline & Highly Oxygenated with very fine molecules or T.D.S.

8. U.T.I. ( urinary tract infection ) might be solved in wearing IEP, just drink a lot of water to cleansing it.

9. EP has a Anti- Cancer property since it emit FIR ( Far Infra Red ) energy, that produces VITAMIN D. Exactly the same from the morning sunshine at 6am to 8am . It’s scientifically proven & most Health Parlor are using it to their client’s.

10. IEP has a TAME, the effect of this will defer on individual person & what type of food was taken & the surrounding temperature. Mostly from 5minutes
to 2 hours before the Heat start to kick in.

11. To those old people with a lot of on going Medication might experience dizziness or dis comport or like you are getting sick, due to the fast body detoxification process, once they wear it as a necklace. We advice them to keep drink a lot of water & try not to wear as a necklace, just make it as a BRACELET or keep inside the pants pocket, until 4 to 5 days. To accommodate the body adjustment.

12. DO NOT wash the IEP more than 3 minutes deep into the water. Better to treat it or spray it with Alcohol based perfumes.

13. DO NOT expose it directly facing the SUNSHINE.

  Date: 06 June 2012

I recovered from a stage 3 Lymphoma Cancer 3 years ago. Thanks to Ismael Water and Ismael Ionic Water. Ismael advised me to wear the IEP to help my body immune system always strong. After wearing it, I found out my become strong and I sleep normal as well my bowel movement. I can feel that there are something improving my body since I can feel the relax condition. My medical records still at St. Luke’s Hospital especially the test result of my cancer before and after.

Imelda Babiano

Date: 12 July 2012
My name is Veronique and I am Canadian PhD student who is doing research in the Philippines. I visited Manila for 5 weeks in 2012 and really struggled with the pollution in the city. My throat was always sore and as the time passed I felt lump in my throat getting more and more severe. After leaving Manila, it took almost 2 months for my throat to feel normal again.

Upon my return to Manila this year (2012), I met Ismael and he recommended that I try his IEP to provide a preventative treatment against the pollution. I must admit that I was skeptical that it would work, but I though I would try it. After wearing the pendant for a couple of days. I noticed that my throat was feeling fine, and I was no longer suffering much from the pollution. I still was not convinced that it was a result of the Pendant so I made several test to see what happened when I removed it. Every time I removed the pendant. I could feel the lump on my throat returning after just 4-5 hours. And once I put it back on, I would start to feel better after about the same amount of time. So I now wear the IEP everyday and I truly believed it is helping to manage the health impacts of the pollution while I am in Manila, I really recommend it.


Date: 12 July 2012
Chest pain is my daily occurrence for the last 3 years, but last 4 July 2012 is the most extreme chest pained I ever experienced . I was brought to Makati Medical Center. I was diagnosed with ACID REFLUX GERD. Same day in the hospital I received a call from Ismael for Website inquiry, without him knowing I was in the hospital. When I told him my condition, immediately he advised to me to meet soon to try my IEP.

The following day he gave IEP and one gallon of Ismael Water. In the fast, I have a very bad experienced with the SCALAR & QUANTUM Energy Pendant it gives more heavy hard to breathe feeling, just not to reject Ismael Energy Pendant I keep it with my clutch bag. When I am travelling to go home I can feel my chest start to feel better and lighter. I text Ismael how I feel even the IEP still inside my bag. He advised me to wear it. Now after 4 days of wearing it my chest pain reduced down to 90% and I feel some strength and relax. In return, I am doing his website with very big discount almost for FREE.

Date: 06 June 2012
IEP is a big help to my family. My son-in-law daily buying costly medicine for his Pneumonia, but now his is not buying anymore, one day after wearing the IEP myself is relieved from common colds, coughing and headache every time I wake up in the morning. I found out I am still strong after doing whole day washing clothes. My sleep become normal. I bought 2 pcs. for my family.

Emelita Perez
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